Formerly known as Mattoon Area P.A.D.S.
The Haven - Mattoon, IL
Shelter • Food • Hope
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Lunch: 10am - Noon
Dinner: 6pm - 8pm

Job Description:

Prepare and serve the evening meal. We have a full kitchen and stocked pantry. You can create your own meal plan or ask us to create one for you. This would be a great opportunity for a group of friends looking to volunteer together.



6pm - 10pm

Job Description:

Sign in the guests and supervise for the evening until the overnight staff arrives. Things slow down after dinner, so you may study, read, or use our internet. We also have games available that can be played with guests! You will be trained and partnered with an experienced volunteer.


If you are not sure which position would suit you best just fill out the Volunteer Sign-Up form and someone will contact you and explain our different volunteer positions.

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